Pita Place

Pita Place

Mouth-watering authentic choices at the best Pita Place

Pita Plus is definitely the best Pita Place. We are proud to claim it also. The goal of our Pita Place is to offer quality, healthy and fresh food. We connect with our customers in a deep level through food.

Thus, our Pita Place is a top dining destination. Our menu has too many choices which showcases our deep knowledge of Mediterranean cooking. For example, we serve Babagnush, Shawarma, Israeli salad, etc.

Pita Place – Possibilities of Pita

Pitas are frequently the bread of choice for falafel, chicken, lamb, etc. You will normally find it accompanied by hummus, baba ganoush or tatzitki. It is also a healthy choice. As, it is a source of protein and fiber. It has calcium and minimal fat with barely any sugar. Normally, one pita has less calories than two slices of bread. Get the best pitas at our Pita Place.

Israeli Cuisine – Taste the traditional Israeli food

Trust us, food alone can be the reason to visit Israel. Moreover, people tend to fall in love with their food. The reason is simple. As it is quite tasty and delicious. But, you do not need to travel to another country.
You can get authentic and delicious Israeli Cuisine at Pita Plus. Therefore, experience a different culture without the travel expense.

Some popular Israeli foods are:

  • Falafel – These are deep fried balls of chickpeas. It is usually served in pita bread. Fava beans are also sometimes used to make falafel.
  • Hummus – This is the most prevalent dish in Israeli Cuisine. It is a definitely a delicious way to gain weight. Try the pita bread with hummus and a mashed chickpea spread.
  • Shawarma – Shawarma is a grilled meat preparation. You can enjoy it in a pita or laffa bread.
  • Tahini – Tahini is at the core of some of the best and most traditional dishes in Israel. Sauces based on tahini are common in Middle Eastern restaurants as a side dish or as a garnish.
Shish Kebab – Goodness on sticks

Pita Plus is famous for the juicy shish kebabs also. Delicious, succulent, tempting are few adjectives which may describe our Shish Kebab. It consists of small pieces of meat and vegetables threaded onto skewers and grilled. The place of origin of this dish is the Middle East.

Didn’t try the flavorsome Shish Kebab still? In that case, visit our Pita Place without delay as soon as possible.