Falafel – Accentuate your mood with yummy food

Falafel is an authentic Middle Eastern Food. It is made out of ground chickpeas. One needs to deep fry the patty. It is one of the delicious food item of the world.

This is also a healthy food. It is because it’s low in fat. Moreover, this causes no cholesterol. It is a great source of protein. Most importantly, you can have it the Vegan style. You can also team it up with meat. It is entirely up to you.

Other important nutritional benefits of falafel:

  • It is high in proteins and fiber.
  • The key nutrients are vitamin C, iron and others.
  • It has a high concentration of soluble fiber.
  • Thus, it helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels.


You can have the Falafel alone. But, you can also team it with bread. There is a unique sauce as well. It supports this dish with utmost perfection. We usually wrap this in a hollow pita.

The special dip consists of sesame seeds. We have to crush the seeds first. It separates the bran from the kernel. Now, we place the crushed seeds in salt water. It makes the bran sink in below. We skim off the floating kernels. Now, we ground it nicely to make an oily paste. It compliments Falafel in the best possible manner.

Shawarma – The best creation of Lebanese dish

Shawarma consists of a part of the meat. We also need to grill the meat with precision. Then we wrap it in a pita for serving. This dish imparts a unique taste to your taste buds.

We serve it with a sandwich wrap and lots of vegetables. The latter includes cucumber, parsley and others. You can also have chicken Shawarma. The best dip is the mayonnaise for this item.

Gyros – A unique dish for all

Gyros are a famous Greek dish. We serve this one in a pita as well. It is important to roast the meat first. But, it must remain moist and crisp. You can have Gyros with a mustard sauce as well.

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