Enjoy the utterly delicious and lip smacking Gyros

Gyros are a meatloaf that is completely over- wrapped. As well as, it consists of an unsecured lower flap. It is a Greek dish where the loaf is generally sliced. In addition, pita bread, tzatziki, and tomatoes give the dish a unique taste.

You can choose the meat as per your wish. It can be lamb, pork, chicken, or beef. Try one of our mouth- watering gyro sandwiches. So, that you can feel the authentic taste.

Our chefs take extra care to prepare this ethnic dish. They choose fresh ingredients from the best market available. We serve Gyros on an oiled, lightly grilled piece of pita. Of course, rolled up with various salads.

Again, we’re cooking Greek special Gyros in our kitchen just for you!

Reasons to choose Pita plus Gyros

  • Tasty food
  • Fast service
  • Affordable price

Our staffs are welcoming. We look after customers as our family. As a matter of fact, we promise them yummy Gyros.


Come, taste our yummy, finger licking Shawarma sandwich

When it comes to Shawarma, Pita plus is the best. It is generally topped with lots of hummus and salads. We are conscious about hygiene. Everything we serve is fresh and tasty.

Shawarma is for the meat lovers. It is meat slow cooked on a spit. Also, seasoned to give a Middle Eastern spice flavor.

Try Falafel with salads and pickles

Falafel are for vegetarians.  It is a deep fried balls made from seasoned chickpeas. Chickpeas make this dish high in protein. Salads, pickled vegetables and hot sauce make it yummy.

This dish is a complete nutritive value. It lowers blood cholesterol. Also, chickpeas consist of vitamin B and vitamin C. This dish is of course stuffed in a pita bread. Everyone from young to old can consume this dish.

Pita plus is widely known for making this mouth- watering vegetarian dish. We offer our customers 3 varieties of Falafel. Balls (5 pieces), sandwiches and combo.

Pita Place also a way towards healthy lifestyle

Pita Place celebrates all that Mediterranean cuisine offers. Hence, it is all about quality products, and great taste. Therefore, the versatility of the food is the only USP that people enjoy at pita plus.

Together with these, we also specialize in offering the best:
  • Eleven varieties of appetizer.
  • Fourteen variants of sandwiches
  • Twelve varieties of plates
  • Beverages
  • Salads by the pound
  • Desserts.

From the beginning, we offer authentic Mediterranean inspired foods. Pita Place offers the best Healthy pita, Baguette, and Laffa sandwiches.