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Kosher Restaurant – Mediterranean Restaurant

The Kosher foods have specific rules. We follow all the norms while cooking the kosher foods for you. That makes us the unique Kosher Restaurant among others..Read More


Pita Plus is a Glatt Middle Eastern Kosher Restaurant chain located at Dania, Aventura and Sunrise Florida, we have a comfortable dining room for you to enjoy lunch or dinner with family and friends.


Pita Plus specialize in Sandwiches on Pita, Baguette or Laffa as well as Appetizer, Plates served with choice of Salad or Rice & Beans, assorted Beverages, Middle Eastern Dessert and Salad by the pound.


Welcome to Pita Plus!  Call us at 954-241-2011 for your next order or to cater your event or celebration. Experience perfect Mediterranean cuisine with traditional Middle Eastern specialties .


Taste mediterranean

Pita Plus specializes in Healthy Pita, Baguette & Laffa Sandwiches


Have you ever wanted to try Mediterranean food? Did you ever wonder what a typical Middle Eastern lunch is like? Well look no further then Pita Plus and check Mediterranean lunch off of your foodie bucket list. Pita Plus is as close as going to Middle East and getting an authentic food experience that you are going to get without actually traveling there.

The menu at Pita Plus is your standard Middle East Kosher Restaurant lunch spot, but it is also home to the most authentic Israeli shawarma outside of Israel and in the South Florida area.

As with eating a new cuisine and going to a very authentic eatery, you are also going to have a cultural experience as well.

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Our kitchen strives to deliver every bit of traditional Mediterranean flavor and experience. We pick every ingredient carefully from the farmers market and take great care in creation of every meal with recipes dating centuries back.

If you strive for perfectly blended flavor and traditional taste Pita Plus is the place for you.

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